How to rent a house for wedding

In this era of modernization, everyone wants to select a unique venue for one’s wedding. And renting a house for a wedding venue is an amazing approach. This plan is becoming very familiar yet high-priced. That is like you are getting married into a dream house at an ideal location. The idea of getting married in such a place is gaining prominence too quickly. There are several ways through which you can rent a house for your wedding.

You can contact the dealers or vendors in your local area who deal with wedding estate venues. They will guide you and will let you see the gallery of the venues. You need to look at your favorite location, your gathering, and your budget. The dealers will let you know which venue falls under your resources and space.

But there are some elements you need to remember. You have to schedule a time for the arrival of guests, and you will only be allowed to stay your guests for the said time period.  In case you do not leave the house, you will have to pay extra money for the overtime. Furthermore, if there happens any damage, you will also be charged a hefty amount of money.  That is what you have to avoid to flee from budget overflow.

Another way to get a house for a wedding venue is to rent a home online. There are many websites like Airbnb, VRBO, and event homes, where you can find your desired location.

In the above websites, you need to put the information about the location where you want you to get married, what is the arrival and departure time, how many guests do you have. And the guests will be categorized into how many adults, children, and infants are going to join the ceremony. Furthermore, you will also have to add whether your guests have pets with them or not.

Once you add the information, you will be directed to a page where there will be dozens of available houses in a particular location. And the details like Area of house, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, half bathrooms, and the number of guests who can sleep inside that house.  Furthermore, there will also be the rating of that house and fare per night stay. 

There will also be the information of what are the amenities that you will get staying in there. The amenities include cable, internet, air-conditioning, heating, car parking, telephone, microwave over, dining area, etc.

If we want to add some extra decoration to the venue, you will have to pay some extra amount of money. You also have to give some fee for cleaning the house after you leave the house. In addition to this, you will have to pay sales tax and service fee for the selected venue.

Catering charges will be separate from all those, and you can arrange a caterer yourself, or you can hand this to the same vendor. The price of the catering varies with the wedding theme and the quality of the utensils. If you also want dinner or lunch from the vendor, you will have to pay the charges on per person basis to the vendor.

You can also book your venue in the shape of a package, where you have to propose your venue location only. The vendor will tell you a fixed amount for the whole function following the required number of guests, night stays (it’s optional), and dinner menu. On average, you have to bear the expense of around 30,000 Dollars for rent, dinner, stay, decoration, etc. This amount of money does not include traveling or other expenses of marriage. That is not a pretty much big amount, but still, it will cost you more than a traditional venue.

So, it is up to you what kind of venue you want for the wedding reception, what budget constraints do you have, and how much time do you want to stay at the house you rent.  Mostly, events are given 5 hours’ time limit to execute all the wedding function. And you should try not to exceed the time limit because it may cost you for the over time.