How to Decorate a House for Wedding Reception

Wedding at home has become trending nowadays. But before you decorate your house, you need to keep some crucial points in your mind. First of all, you should look at how much free space do you have at your home and how much is required for a particular wedding theme to make a proper setting. You also need to make sure whether your wedding is going to be indoor or outdoor.

Once, you get the answer to these questions, you will have plenty of options to decorate the house, but all will depend upon your budget. So, here are some ways by which you can decorate your home for the marriage reception.

(1)  Use Multi-colored LED lights:

To give your house a sparkling look, you can use multi-colored LED lights inside and outside your home. Especially, you can hang lights from the roof and ceilings, put them on the plants, etc. And this will impart an elegant look to the wedding reception venue. 

(2) Tie Ribbons to the seat covers:

As, there is too much for furniture decoration, but staying within a normal budget, you can tie ribbons to the seat covers. You can make a variety of ribbon styles and tie them to the back of seat covers. Doing this will give a classy look to the seating area of your venue.

(3) Put Flower Bouquets on the tables:

A flower is what everyone wants to touch and smell. So, we can put a flower bouquet on every table to increase the beauty of the wedding reception venue. Moreover, the Bouquet of fresh flowers will spread the fragrance, and that will make the atmosphere charming and sentimental.

(4)  Set up a water fountain at the entrance:

To enhance the beauty of the wedding reception venue, you can also set up a water fountain. That will not only increase the beauty of reception but will also create a peaceful environment by its relaxing sounds.

(5)  Glowing heart-shaped balloons:

If you want to make your marriage reception unforgettable, you can inflate the heart-shaped balloons and hang them at the arrival and set focus lights of different colors behind and above the balloons to make them shine. This technique will turn the usual balloons into magic balloons, and your guests will be surprised by viewing this.

(6) Set candles in the walkway:

Setting up candles in the walkway magnifies the charm of the venue and will also guide the guests to their reserved seats. That will add elegance to your wedding decoration and will also create a sentimental environment. That is what will force people to remember your wedding day. 

(7) Hang Honeycomb Balls:

Papercraft is one of the best decorations for the wedding ceremony. There is a variety of artworks, and among them, honeycomb balls are the best match for wedding decoration. You can hang the honeycomb balls from the ceiling or hang them in the walkway with the rope. That will make your house decoration astonishing.

(8)   Set up a Flower Entrance Door: 

To welcome your guests excitedly, you can set up a big entrance gate of artificial or real flowers. That will make your guests feel wondrous. You can also set up focus lights inside them to make the flowers glow.

(9)  Furnish floor with carpets and dance area: 

To make your floor look beautiful, you need to put carpets on the ground according to the wedding theme you choose. That will add some extra beauty to the decoration. But don’t cover all the area with the carpets, instead, make some space free for the dance floor. You can also set lights under the dance floor to make it glowing. That is what people will like the most.

(10) Floating Names of bride and groom:

If you want to give your house decoration a different look, you can blow up the Name alphabets and can float them in the air on the stage. You can also write like William weds Ellen and can float them up in the entrance and at the dance floor as well.

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