Flawless skin for your wedding day

Every bride dreams of having impeccable skin on her wedding day. When is a good time to start a skin-care regimen? Today!

Most beauty experts recommend starting a disciplined approach to flawless skin about five or six months before your wedding day. So, while you are still working on invitations and picking out bridesmaid dresses, start working on your skin. Making small investments of time now will provide a big pay out on wedding day.
The skin is the largest organ of the body and can be thought of like a big filter. Many experts have stated that the skin is the mirror to one’s internal health (and eating habits). Even if you have a relatively nice complexion you can still benefit from six months of stress-relief, good nutrition, extra water-drinking and a boost in oral supplements and antioxidants.
The basics – ensure you are on a good skin cleansing program that is right for your skin. A good system doesn’t have to be expensive, but should include a foaming cleanser in the morning and a gentle make-up remover type cleanser at night; a daily moisturizer with spf in the morning and hydrating in the evening. An absolute must is the use of an exfoliant 2 times per week.
This is also a great time to consult a skincare professional. Tell them your wedding date, and your skin-care goals. They may recommend treatments such as chemical peels or regular facials that will help you have picture-perfect skin.
Suggested daily supplements? 1000 mg of chewable vitamin-C each day will help reduce any redness in your skin including acne scarring. 100% pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants and will give your skin and immune system a boost.
In short, our best advice is to drink plenty of water (half of your body weight in ounces – this means, if you weigh 130 pounds – you’ll need at least 65 ounces of water each day), take your supplements and no matter what you do – never every try anything for the first time ever within one month of your wedding.

Church Wedding Decorations

In wedding, pool decoration changes your whole ambiance and gives a classic and natural effect to your ornamentation. It is really fun to have pool on the wedding ceremony. You can also buy a pool. It’s not too costly as well. There are lots of ways to decorate the wedding pool. You need to discuss your idea of pool decorating with your wedding planner. In wedding, pool looks fanatic and it is a superb idea to create fun.

There is hell of ideas to decorate the pool in a very trendy way and make it more sensational and eye-catching. Pool decoration is not just for the weddings, it is also important in different parties as well but different parties have different themes according to their event and nature of celebration. Select the theme of your choice and start working on your idea.

You can decorate the boundary of the pool with tulles and flowers to make it more elegant.
Make sure water of the pool is fresh and clear.
If celebration is going to be held in evening or night time, you can decorate floating lights on the surface of pool.
You can also use under water light emitting different colors. It looks really cool.
Use floating blossom light, it is just like a flower that emits lights rays.
Floating aromatic candles are also used in the pool decoration.
Setting up aquatic theme will also work by using floating sculpture of sea creature on the pool surface.
You can make the pool more attractive by floating glitter globes.
You can also give the effect of rainbow by using colorful lights with fountain.
While decorating pool, you can also keep accordance with the whole theme of wedding to keep it consistent with other object and decoration.
You can create magical and fanatic moments by decorating the pool in amazing way. Use your imagination to make your wedding more interesting and memorable, and receive admiration of your friends and family.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

Couples are made in heaven and their marriage is celebrated on earth. Wedding is a very special event in one’s lifespan, so special preparation is required. Decoration is the essential part of the wedding, so the most important is reception table. Reception means a party after wedding ceremony to introduce the newly married couple with friends and relatives. The table placed on the stage need to be ornamented very well.

Decoration requires creativity talent, so it takes time to arrange appropriate settings and decoration. You have to use your creation ability to enhance the effects of wedding decoration to reduce your wedding cost. Reception table is the soul of welcoming area or the stage. There are many other tables like head table, sweetheart table, cake table, DJ table but receptionist table is vary important among them to be decorated. You can use different ideas to decorate it. Reception table usually carries the theme similar to the theme used for whole party.

You can use different decoration objects in accordance with your selected party theme:

Soft silk cloths
Floating candles
Glitter and Sprinkles
Wedding program fans

One of the best ways to decorate your reception table is to use tulles. Tulle work looks so great on the table. You can use it on the sides of the table.

Soft silk cloths

In decoration the most important is the base of the decoration item, if base is elegant then whole your outcome will be awesome. So use delicate silk cloths of nice colors.

Different types of floating candles

Use different types of candles to give dramatic effects like aromatic floating candles, pastel candles etc. You can place the candle in elegance glass or in beautiful crystal holders as well.


Use sparklers to make the table more attractive and noticeable. They emit light which looks so amazing.

Glitter and Sprinkles

You can also add glitters and sprinklers on the reception table to give more shiny and glossy effect to the table.


If you are using balloon theme in your reception party, feel free to add balloons in your reception table ornamentation. You can arrange them according to your imaginations.


Wedding is incomplete without flowers arrangement. Most of the people prefer flower theme for all their party types. Arrangements of flowers impress viewers more fantastically. You can use artificial flowers, natural flowers, freeze dried rose petals etc.

Wedding program fans

Never forget to place wedding program fans on reception table. Mention all the detail about the wedding program on it. Wedding start time, time of Vows, buffet time, everything can be mentioned on these cute fans. They look so nice and guests also enjoy these colorful fans. Beautiful color scheme should be selected for fans according to theme used. You can also add glitter and ribbons to give it more attractive look.

Wedding Cake Decorations

People like to make their wedding party decoration memorable in a unique way by applying different ideas. One of the important parts of wedding is decoration of wedding cake. Wedding cakes are usually cut by the wedding couple after vows ceremony. If you arrange the wedding cake decorated in a beautiful way then you will get more admiration from the guests.While selecting wedding cake people becomes choosier because they want something special. First of all, it needs to choose the right cake for the right season. Winter cakes and summer cakes are specially made so that they can sustain their shapes and flavor.

Choose the flavor whatever you like for the day and then focus on its decoration. You have to discuss it with your baker what type of cake you want. Share your ideas and tell how much tiers you want in your cake.
Let’s talk on the decoration of the cakes.

• Arrange a cake stand according to the shape of your cake.
• Right cake topper for the right cake, you can choose a topper with the theme of wedding or love.
• Cake table is also important. Decorate it with a soft silk cloth. Frills with glittered tulles, balloons, glittery sprinkles and ribbons can also be used on the table boundaries.
• Decorate your cake with artificial flowers or natural flower.
• Make sure that the knife is stylish and elegant to cut the cake.
• You can place metallic paper fan on the tables for good wishes mentioned on it.

So cake serving must also be done in a fabulous manner. For wedding cake, candles are not important to be used on it. You can use your imagination for more gorgeous ornamentation.