10 best Backyard wedding Ideas

The wedding celebration is one of the most valuable ceremonies of life. Everyone wishes to get the feeling of “wow” from the attendees. So, here are some ideas that will turn your dream into reality and will make your wedding memorable in your backyard.

1. Create the Attendee’s Chart:

If you are planning your wedding in the backyard so, you must write down the names of your guests with their reserving table and seat number on a chart and pin it to the tree or wall to give it a rustic look. And when the guests move to their seats, they will see the reserving tags with their names. It will make your guests feel happy, and they will always remember your wedding day. You can also do a separate seating arrangement for each couple and a big dining table for VIPs.

2.  Set up a dancing floor:

In the backyard, allocate some space to set up the dance floor because the floor the greenery of your lawn will force the guests to dance. And this will increase the joy of your wedding day.   

3. Portraits of Groom and Bride:

Setting up a stall of portraits of the groom and bride adds beauty to the function. It may include the childhood pictures, the first day of relationship photos, funny and adventurous pictures of both bride and groom. The stall should give a rustic look with some traditional theme and antique photo frames. Doing this will amaze the people, and they will tend to capture those beautiful moments in their memories.

4. Relationship Story:

You can create a rustic wooden board where you mention what where did you meet for the first time, when and where did you do your first kiss, when you proposed your lover, what is the age of your relationship, etc. That is what your guests would love to read, and they will tease you, and this is what will develop a fun factor to your function.   

5. Schedule Time for fireworks and sky lanterns:

Scheduling time for crackers and sky lanterns enhances the joy of your wedding. If we do this, people will wait eagerly for the moment of shooting fireworks and releasing sky lanterns in the sky. Your guests will set up their cameras to capture this beautiful moment. And when the moment comes, this will create a dream view and will enlighten your venue as happens on a New Year’s Eve.

6. Set up a food bus:

Being traditional and unusual is what attracts all. You can arrange a mobile food bus in your backyard, and this is what your guests will love the most. And on the bus, you can serve fast food, beverages, and moreover, you can set up DJ on the bus. Your guests will help themselves to take what they want to eat, and they can carry it to their seats, and that is what will make your wedding function unforgettable.

7. Set up a vintage cart for desserts:

To enhance the beauty of your wedding function, you can set up a vintage cart having a rustic look. And on the cart, we can put fruits, sweets, desserts or any other stuff like this. 

8. Entertainment with games:

As, in a marriage function, there come the people of all ages. So, we can entertain your guests with different physical and mental games like Giant dice, Giant stacks, Corn hole, high striker, etc. That is what will add much fun to your wedding ceremony, and will never let people forget your marriage function.

9. Wear the movie/cartoon Character’s dress:

If you want to add some more joy to your wedding ceremony, you can make some of your friends to wear the dress of some prominent movie characters like Batman, Spiderman, frozen princess character, mermaid princess, joker, mickey mouse, etc. And they will act as a real character does. That will create an amazing environment.

10. Complimentary gift:

When the function of your wedding ceremony ends, you can give your guests something that may make them remember your wedding day when they see it. That could be anything like key-ring of their name, a card where you thank them for joining you, or any rustic stuff.  As long as that will be in their hands, they will remember you, and this is what will make your wedding function unique.

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